Are you ok?

Everyone always asks “Are you ok?” But what happens if you’re not ok do you say so, do you let them know? Will they even care? Will they know what to do? What if they can’t help? What happens nobody can? When it seems like nobody even cares. When you call up everyone who says they are will be there for you but none of them pick up or text you back,not for days or hours or weeks. But you keep living somehow. Everyday another hassle and struggle just to get out of bed “But why you’re asking, why bother living like this with my barbie doll smile”. You’ve questioned god and searched religion, looked for love but it never truly fits but the hope of it has keep up alive for years just one good thing to happen for once is it truly to much to ask or take? That and you’re family and friends “but they’d be better off without me” are thoughts we’ve all had, i know i’m not alone but it sure feels like that


pisces are full of sugary half finished sentences and loosely defined thoughts they constantly trip over. there is a mosaic, stained glass window feel to pisces. like the translucent colours of the whole zodiac rainbow, forever changing its shade to reflect the different light spilling through their aura. pisces follow the sun and cradle the moon